Can my phone display the cellphone Bible?
All Java enabled cellphones should be compatible with the Cellphone Bible.

Which Cellphone Bible must I download?
Each Cellphone Bible has three options to choose from:

  1. The complete Bible
  2. The Bible divided into four sections (Genesis to Ruth, 2 Samuel to Job, Psalms to Malachi and the New Testament)
  3. The Bible divided into eight sections (Genesis to Numbers, Deuteronomy to 2 Samuel, 1 Kings to Esther, Job to Song of Songs, Isaiah to Ezekiel, Daniel to Malachi, Matthew to Acts and Romans to Revelation).

Some cellphones cannot support the complete Bible. We recommend downloading it in four sections.

You can start by downloading the complete Bible. If that is not successful, try the next one on the list.

The Cellphone Bible is free of charge but please note that your service provider's download tariffs apply.

How do I download a Cellphone Bible?
There are three steps:

  1. Select a language.
  2. Select the translation and if you prefer the Complete, 4-part, 8-part or Android version.
  3. Select the .jar or .jad file. Almost all phones use the .jar file. If you receive an error message, select the .jad file. Blackberry users should select the .jad file.
The Bible will download and install automatically.

Where can I find the cellphone Bible?
Most phones will save the Bible under Applications, although some phones save it under Games.

Can I download the cellphone Bible to my computer?
It is possible to download the cellphone Bible to a computer, but the software was developed for use on a cellphone. It will not work on a computer.